About Menuiserie James

About James

“Absolutely fantastic! Took real pride in his work making our sliding wardrobes, did a cracking job and, to cap it all off, was a really lovely bloke. Strongly recommend him.” Anne Lobry from Sèvres (92)

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Joinery Services

We know all about fitting the highest quality of wooden flooring, staircases, internal and external doors and we will make sure they are fitted perfectly. Available at prices to suit all budgets.

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Bespoke Furniture

Menuiserie James creates high quality pieces of furniture, handcrafted to your individual requirements. We specialise in fitted wardrobes, built-in-bookcase and bespoke  bedroom furniture.

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Fitted Kitchens

Specialising in the design and installation of good quality kitchens from all of the major suppliers, including Cuisinella, Cuisines-schmidt, Lapeyre and MOBALPA we will fit your kitchen to a very high standard.

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